Personal Info

  • Name:

    Yogi Manish Ji

  • Speciality:

    Ashtanga yoga & Vinyasa Flow Teacher

  • Experience:

    5 Years

  • Email:

Yogi manesh ji is ashtanga yoga teacher, he is master in yoga sciences from dev sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya (Haridwar), manish ji is teaching ashtanga yoga for more than 3 years, he knows the essence of yoga, manish ji classes are full of energy very motivational & inspiring that takes students beyond the mind’s obstacles, students love his teaching methods, his is natural ashtanga yogi who can teach at any time in any condition that what makes him an inspiring teacher. manish ji is also known for his alignment & adjustment classes because it gives students various easy methods to perform posture as well as students learn various methods of align and adjusting the postures (Asanas).

Yogi manish ji teaches ashtanga yoga & alignment adjustment classes at yash yoga school in Rishikesh. Yogi manish ji words- Yoga has given me freedom from the disturbances of life, I fell free and alive today.

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