Why You Must Practice Daily Yoga Routine During Quarantine?

Staying in quarantine has isolated us and practiced social distancing, but it doesn’t mean that we cannot keep us active. Doing yoga daily and maintaining the active routine can make both the body and mind healthy and productive. In quarantine mostly people used to take stress and anxiety because of being isolated and starts  add medicines  of stress in their intakes to get relief from stress. But actually taking medicines is not a cure of stress instead of this doing yoga regularly can help to manage body and mind against stressful situations.

Here are the few yoga practices that should be followed to help you in quarantine:

Increases heart and breathing rate

Doing yoga regularly helps to increase the heart and breathing rates. By touching one knee with opposite elbow and doing the same at alternating sides. Performing this for approximately 1 to 2 minutes, then after taking rest for 50-60 seconds and repeating again for up to 5 times. This would be best to increase the heart potential and breathing capacity. Similarly, by touching the knees with your elbow, and lifting it to the side. By keeping the pace and doing the same alternatively. Performing this for 1-2 minutes and keeping rest for 50 to 60 seconds and repeating it 5 times. Doing such workouts can effectively increase the capacity of lungs to breathe and maintain heart rhythm. Either alone or combining with the healthy lifestyles, yoga is best in itself to decrease the risk factors for various heart diseases.

De-stressing, relaxing and comfortable

Doing yoga is basically an alignment of the mind and body workouts. So, by combing the physical poses, controlling the breathing patterns wand reducing thoughts results in de-stressing, lowering the blood pressure, and controls heart rate. Such workouts help to control the heart rate as well as enhances mind and body efficiency, concentration level, calms the nervous system, and reduce muscle tension. So, almost everyone can do this work out in quarantine.

Strengthens muscles and glutes

The posture of touching ears with the fingertips and lifting the upper body, keeping the legs on the ground. Lower down the upper body again. Doing the same posture repeatedly for 10 to 15 times or even more in yoga with the rest of 40 to 60 seconds, and with repetition of 5 times. This yoga work out will be best to strengthen the back muscles. Because due to the less movement in quarantine, most of the back muscles are stretched enough to perform well in their proper positions. So, to bring them in a proper position to work one should do such yoga acts regularly. By placing the hands under shoulders and knees under the hips. Lift up one arm onwards and the opposite leg at the back, doing the same alternatively. Doing this yoga workout 20 to 30 times, take rest for 50 to 60 seconds, and repeating the same up to 5 times helps the back muscles, belly sand glutes to be strengthened.

You Must Practice Daily Yoga Routine During Quarantine

Improves life quality

Yoga is being a common therapy to improve the quality of life in quarantine. It is observed that the ones who implement yoga in their daily routines have significantly improved quality of life as well as the mood and fatigue compared with the other groups. It can also reduce the symptoms in patients with cancer. By doing yoga, women with breast cancer can have reduced pain and fatigue as well as showing improvements in levels of invigoration, acceptance, and reduction. It has various powerful sound effects on the quality of life of well-being. Even some studies have shown that yoga may be used as an adjunct therapy for various conditions dealing with the quality of life.

Conclusion :

Following the yoga routines in quarantine helps people to stay active even by staying in isolation. It helps a person not to take stress and anxiety on nerves and to manage the situation maturely in quarantine days. It even increases the sense of control and is good enough to let the mind handles the situations tactfully. It also helps to enhance the quality of sleep because it affects melatonin and it impacts many other contributors which causes the sleep problems So if you have not incorporated yoga practices in your daily routines then you are on the biggest mislead. In the quarantine days, the major thing to add in the daily routines is to add the yoga workouts regularly if you are missing or forgetting it. Because the healthier and productive you will do the better you will perform.